Nicola Vogler

Welcome to Yoga Bloom

Here you will find information about pregnancy, postnatal, baby yoga, one-to-one and general classes with Nicola Vogler.
All students are welcome, whether you are new to yoga or if you already have a regular practice.

My classes are tailored to the individual, so if you have any specific conditions or concerns please contact me before booking. I believe a regular yoga practice, however short and simple, can benefit everyone, and I aim to help you discover the approach that is right for you.

Learn gentle exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques to help you throughout your pregnancy and birth.

Parent and baby yoga classes help promote bonding, aid postnatal recovery, and support baby’s development in a fun, relaxed environment.

A class suitable for all adults, men and women. We will focus on building flexibility and core strength, including the pelvic floor.

If you need a more personalised approach, or would like to begin a regular home practice but aren’t sure where to start.